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Ronald L. Hackley

Mary Lois Hagen

Sharon J. Hagie

Charles L. Hagie

Steven J Hall

Jay R. Hamilton

Corene M. Hammen

Mark S. Hanna

Irma I. (Schoenwetter) Hansen

Todd Hansen

Tate John Hanson

Vera M. Hanson

Martha V. (Schaper) Hanson

Georgia M. (Kriz) Harrington

Francis A. Harrington

Alva Marie Hasty

Frank S. Haugland

Sheena N. Hayungs

Beverly J. Hecox

Betty Jean Hegg-Payne

Effie B. Heim

Pershing Helgevold

LuVerne L. Helland

Katherine M. (Henken) Helland

Marguerite (Christians) Hensel

Susan Lee Herbst

Jane D. Herbst

Mildred V. (Rapp) Hernon

Gregory A. Herzberg

Ray P. Hiams

Bernadine S. (Hilbert) Hildman

Valjean Ann Hildman

Hazel D. Hill

John Hellick Hill

Avis E. Hill

Erna Hillenga

Linda Joyce Hillenga

Lydia (Stohr) Hillenga

Marie A. (Borel) Hilpipre

Doris Lou Hilpipre

Gary W. Hilpipre

Willis D. "Bill" Hines

Bernice May Hobbie

Clyde Thomas Hobbs

Raymond B. Hobbs

Lilah (Doege) Hobbs

LaRae Merien (LuDuc) Hobscheidt

Mary L. (Knutson) Hobscheidt

Pernola Jean Hochhaus

Loyola G. Hocraffer

Richard 'Dick' Holck

Viola Mae (Steenlage) Holck

Kenneth K. Holder

Theresa L. (Marshall) Hollebrands

Richard L. Holley

Mildred (Brummund) Holloway

Lois Una Holm

Patricia H. (Carr) Holmes

Kenneth J. Holmes

Charles R. Holmes

James A. Honken

Jeffrey A. Horstman

Patricia A. (Murray) Horton

Fern Hoskinson

Lucille (Nerem) Hoveland

Carolyn Ann Howlett

Frances Ann (Snyder) Hoyt

Joseph R. Hrubes

Kaylene E. (Reimers) Hudspeth

Marlys J. (Eliason) Hummel

Vera M. (Naser) Hunsley

Donald J. Hunst

Richard C. Huntley

Mary Eleanor Huntley

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" 'Thank you' does not seem enough to say for all you did to help us through this difficult time. You all made it easier for us and we appreciated everything. We are blessed to have you!" - Clarion, Iowa
"I would like to thank you for the support and understanding and all the help you provided during and after my husband's passing. Also, thank you for the work you did to make him look so nice and peaceful ." - Clarion, Iowa
"Many thanks for all that you did for mom and us. Everything was done beautifully, Thanks a million. God Bless." - Clarion, Iowa
"Thank you for all you've done for our family following dad's death. Your kindness, compassion, and professionalism were very much appreciated. Thank you!" - Clarion, Iowa
"Thanking God for you and your act of love and encouragement during my time of deep grief. God bless you" - Holmes, Iowa
"I want to say a huge thank you for all your help and caring for my sister" - Kanawha, Iowa
"A very special thank you to each of you who had a part in preparing and working out all the details for the committal service and celebration of life service. Your compassion and professionalism blended beautifully. We were ministered to by your words, smiles and hugs. May God continue to bless each one of you as you use and display your gifts and abilities to help so many during this difficult time in their lives" - Kanawha, Iowa
"A note to thank you for your helpfulness and attentiveness with each responsibility during the time of our father's funeral. Despite the short amount of time to prepare, we were thankful for how well things went. Again, thank you all." - Kanawha, Iowa
"Thank you for your kind service to our family, its nice to know there are people out there that care." - Eagle Grove, Iowa
"Our family was very impressed with Mike. He handled everything with excellence and went above and beyond for our family. He was very professional, yet personable and had excellent communication with us. Thank you!!" - Forest City, Iowa
"A big thanks for taking such good care of my dad's service" - Clarion, Iowa
"Thank you for all of your assistance during this difficult time." - Britt, Iowa
"Thank you very much for your help with our mother. You guys did an awesome job! Thanks again!" - Fort Collins, Colorado
"Thank you for all your kindness and help in our confusing time" - Clarion, Iowa
"Your words, actions and overall demeanor was most certainly noticed! Taking the family through such an incredibly difficult time was eased by your presence...thank you for everything" - Dows, Iowa
"Thank you so much for a beautiful service. Your staff did an excellent job, be proud of them." - Crystal Lake, Iowa
"Thank you so much for the loving, caring service for my husband. My family was so grateful for everything you did for us" - Belmond, Iowa
"Thank you so much for everything. You held us together and helped us get through so much. And thank you for the supplies. Everything was greatly appreciated." - Britt, Iowa
"Thank you for the excellent care we received during the week of our dad/husband's funeral. It was a relief to be able to have you organize everything, and it was done without delay and with professionalism. We greatly appreciate the pictures, the laminated programs, and other extras that aren't expected but were very meaningful to us." - Mason City, Iowa
"What a wonderful world this would be if everyone were as nice as you all! I want to thank you so much for the wonderful visitation, funeral services, hugs, kindness, caring and for making my mom look beautiful" - Clarion, Iowa
"I want to thank you for the nice job and the way my husband looked and how everything went." - Crystal Lake, Iowa

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