Steven T. Kisor

Steven Thomas Kisor, 56, of Carlos, Minnesota passed away on October 26, 2021 at the Sanford Medical Center in Fargo, North Dakota.

My brother Steven. I would like to tell you a little about Steven, being the youngest sibling he had a head of red hair. Steve and I had an old tire we would roll around the yard. One time I told Steve to get in the tire and I would roll it. It’s a lot of fun so Steve got in the tire, I rolled it as fast as I could. When Steve got out of the tire he was so dizzy. Steve said I am going to tell mommy you’re going to get it I said you big baby.

Steve went wherever I went, through the years we lost contact with each other. One day I got a call it was Steve he said, “Hi, big brother.” I said, “Hi, little brother.” About at the same time we said, “I love you brother. Steve said, “Do you remember when we were kids and you rolled me in that tire?” We talked for hour we laughed and cried together. So many years had passed, that was three years ago.

I found out Steve and I liked the same things, Steve liked to work on cars. He would call me and say I am working on this car, he would say what do you think is wrong with it big brother. You know what I think, I think Steve knew what was wrong with it, and he just wanted to talk to his big brother. Steve loved football, hockey, and boxing. Steve and I would bet on football games. We would call or text each other at least five times throughout the game. I asked Steve do you like to fish? More than anything do you want to go fishing this fall? Steve said I won’t miss it big brother. So Steve calls me one day, and says. “Hey I just got a 1986 Cadi it is sweet! I am going to bring it to Iowa when you and I go fishing.” I couldn’t wait till little brother brought the Cadi.

Sorry to say we never got that fishing trip done. I got a call telling me my little brother is on life support, with no chance to survive. So I called the doctor she said Steve is passing away fast. The doctor said would you like to talk to your little brother? So the Doctor held the phone to Steve’s ear. I told my little brother “I love you, but God needs you now. Steve you will be fine. Just one thing can you put in a good word for me, with the Lord?” The Doctor said, “I think he heard you, there was some movement in his eyes. Are you ready big brother?” I said “God forgive me you can take my little brother off life support.”

Steve passed away at the age of 56.

Steven Thomas Kisor

August 12, 1965 – October 26, 2021

Love you little brother, your big brother Kenny